Juniors Summer Newsletter

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A warm welcome to all our new players: Timothy Trevett, Joshua Mancusi-Thomas (after an absence of several years), Darius Popa, Maddie Tritt, Erin Gridley, Caitlin Alcock, Priyanka Sharma, Abhi Vijayanandan, Jabez Yu, Liam Smith, Shyla Sharma, Phoebe Wu, Luca Castellan, Lyndon Joy, Alex Veljovic, Noah Liu, Timothy Widjaja, Ethan Poon, Andrea Cai and Nikolas Pincic.   I hope you all enjoy playing tennis with Templeton.


We have 23 teams entered for the Summer competition:  12 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday.  This is a big increase in the number of teams on Saturdays, so teams will no longer have the luxury of two courts for home games.  It will be important to keep matches moving to finish on time.

The Competition commences on Saturday 10th  and Sunday 11th October.  On Saturdays you must be at Templeton courts by 7.30 am for away games and 8.00 am for home games.   Sunday players need to be at Templeton by 8.45 am for home games and teams usually make their own arrangements for away games.

Please note:

A fixture/roster for your team is enclosed.  Parents are rostered for duty for three or four matches during the season, either for supervision at home games or transport for away games.  (Parents are required to stay the whole time at the away courts and assist with supervision). The away convenor is not responsible for our players, especially in case of an accident.

A list of instructions for supervisors is enclosed.

Please note:  L-plate and P-plate drivers are NOT to transport team members.

If you are unable to attend on your rostered day, PLEASE swap with another parent in your team or contact your Team Manager to make alternative arrangements.

If you are unable to play on your rostered day:

(a)  Arrange to swap with another player in your team, or (b)  Contact your Team Manager or (c)   Contact me.

Please make arrangements as early as possible.  You can contact me or another supervisor at the Club from 7.30 am on Saturdays in an emergency.  But, please be aware that the chance of arranging an emergency at this late stage is unlikely.

If it is raining in the morning you are still required to attend the courts, unless otherwise advised.  It is often possible to play at away courts even when it is raining here and if you are playing at home, assistance with mopping the courts is appreciated.

Waverley Tennis handbooks will be distributed at the first match.  Locations of courts are listed for those on transport duty.


The ‘Supervisor in Charge’ system is working well for the weeks when I can’t attend the courts.  Supervision instructions will be sent out to everyone and if an ***appears next to your name this means you are ‘supervisor in charge’ for the morning.


Thank you to the parents (and some of our older juniors) who have agreed to be Team Managers this season.  If you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to give me a call.   To all players, your team manager is your first contact if you are unable to play or if your parents are unable to do their duty.  Captains are responsible for completing score sheets and returning score sheets and B&F Award nominations to our Club after the match.  If new players don’t know how to fill the sheets in, please ask for help from the Supervisor.  Of course, if the captain isn’t playing another team member will be responsible for this job.  Don’t forget to fill in surnames as well as christian names and emergencies names should be entered in the appropriate section with date of birth and grading.


The annual Best & Fairest Award will again be conducted this season for the best & fairest player.  Please remember to fill in your nominations each week to give your team mates the opportunity of winning the award.


It is good to see so many of our juniors wearing the Templeton club shirts and caps.  Ideally, we would like ALL JUNIORS to wear the shirts when they are representing our club.  If you have not yet purchased a shirt and would like to do so, please contact me.  Shirts cost $30 and  caps $15.  I still have a few sizes in the old style which are available for $15.


Of the 19 teams participating in the winter competition, 7finished in the final four, resulting in two premierships and four runners-up flags.

Congratulations to our premiers:

BSP1 (Red) Sunday Rubbers  – Mitchell Brooks & Lucky Nayar

D1 Girls Saturday Triples – Violet Wallis, Chloe Vigilante, Grace Thompson and Thalia Rashidi

Well done also to the BSP1 (Black) Sunday Rubbers team of  Delfie Lim, Chanith Madanayake and Ben Calderan; BSP1 Saturday Open Rubbers team of  Mitchell Brooks, Madison Riley and Lachlan Reidy; B4 Saturday Boys Rubbers team of Nick Sleeman, Bill Tzanopoulos, Jonathan Berry and Michael Fell and the D2 Sunday Triples team of Ashleigh Papic, Tiana Pincic, Maya Grkow and Kasey Rudd on reaching the Grand Final.  It was a great grand final between our two BSP1 teams on the Sunday and a great start at Templeton for the Black team.


The Junior Club Championships were held on Sunday 4th October.  Despite a small number of entries due to the long weekend, those who participated enjoyed their tennis and the BBQ  lunch.

Congratulations to Templeton’s 2015 Club Champion, Dilhan Jayawardena, who has now won the championship two years running.  Results on the day were:

Club Champion – Dilhan Jayawardena

Runner Up – Nipuna Madanayake

B Grade Winner – Archie Komninos

Runner Up – Kiefer Lim

C Grade Winner – Khushal Derashri

Runner up – Kristian Tesevic

D Grade Girls Winner – Ashleigh Papic

D Grade Boys Winner – Tom Sinclair

Good luck to everyone this season and I hope you all have FUN!!!

Pam Stewart – Junior Convenor